Home Fire Safety Surveys

Are you concerned about safety in your home?
We will be happy to come out and check your home for Safety Hazards. This program is not an inspection, which is required any time you change an occupancy or perform renovations.
Our firefighters will come to your home, check smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and the placement of these detectors. They will also offer tips such as where to store flammable liquids and information regarding wood or gas burning appliances.
Please call Headquarters or stop by to schedule a time.

Fire Extinguisher Classes

Whether you have a group of adults or children, many people have never used a fire extinguisher. Although it may sound easy, many people do not realize there are some things you need to be aware of when using an extinguisher.
What type?
How big?
Is it worth trying to extinguish yourself or should you get out and call 911?!
Our District has two propane fed burn pans which we use to teach you the proper method for attacking a fire with an extinguisher. Students will use actual extinguishers and put out a real fire! This class must be done during warm weather, please call to schedule a time!

Juvenile Fire Setters Program

The Juvenile Firesetters Program is a program designed to teach children and young adults the dangers of playing with or setting fires. This is a four week program in which parents and/or guardians attend with their children and are not only educated on the dangers of fire, but also introduced to those whose lives were dramatically affected by fire.

The program is designed to be proactive in preventing problems relating to fire, however this program can also be utilized for those who have already experienced a problem and are looking for a way to prevent future occurrences.
The program can accommodate children from age 4 -18 years of age and has been met with great success. Many times parents or caregivers deal with situations which they are not prepared to accept or contend with. This program gives both the child and the adult the knowledge they need to reduce or eliminate the possibility of further incidents.

For more information, please contact House #1 at (636) 343-9300 and speak with one of our Chief Officers.